Our Story


We founded Waypoint to help clients establish ideal ‘waypoints’ along their financial journey.

“We build relationships with our clients, calmly considering next steps, one step at a time, until your financial balance is in place.”


A Deeper Perspective: the videos below tell more of our story, and are from the perspective of a few of our thought leaders at the BAM Alliance.


We are guided by very personal goals … yours.

“We see past the spreadsheet to understand your most important dreams and goals.”


We are informed by the academic evidence.

“We base everything we do on the latest academic research and tailor those findings to the specific needs of our clients.”


We help our clients gain financial calm and confidence.

“The best financial relationships happen when you feel that the person you’re working with is not just interested in investing your money, but they’re interested in investing in your life.”


Your financial interests are at the center of our services and our transparent pricing.

“Our clients are at the center of everything we do. It’s beyond a job, beyond a profession, it’s a sense of calling.”