Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow…Where Are We?

I recently had a conversation with my youngest son, who is seven years old.  “Daddy.”  He says.  “A few days ago I built a fort and it was fun.”  “That’s great,” I tell him.  “When exactly did you get to do that?”  “Tomorrow” he replies, before correcting himself.  “No, no.  It was tonight. I mean yesterday.”

This exchange has been typical as Zachary learns where he and his (very important) events lie on the spectrum of time.  Something from the past has occurred but putting it into the context of when exactly that took place (and verbalizing it correctly) is something he is learning to do.  Understanding when something took place in the context of time is a bit of a challenge for him right now.

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Pete Dixon, CFP®

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Pete Dixon, CFP®

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