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Viewpoints Commentary

What Is The “Yield Curve”?

The yield curve is flattening (or growing steeper)! … Yield curve spreads are widening (or narrowing)! … The yield curve has inverted (or normalized)!

Headline-grabbing yield curve commentary somehow sounds important, doesn’t it? But what is a “yield curve” to begin with, and what does it have to do with you and your investments?


What’s THE Most Important Thing You Can Do To Prepare For Retirement?

I was thinking about this question while reading an article a client sent to me.  You can find the write-up here, and it’s a helpful “countdown to retirement” with many tips to consider as you approach retirement.  As I looked through the list and thought about covering these issues with our own clients over the years, the question came to mind: what is the most important financial planning step you can take to feel great about your retirement plan?

It’s really a tough question since there are a lot of important issues to consider when “taking the leap” away from a career that you’ve had for so many years.  Topics such as health insurance, do you have enough saved, are you invested properly, Social Security timing and others are obviously important to explore.  There’s also the softer part of the equation: how will you spend and enjoy your time?  Should you still work?  How will you miss the social aspect of working and contributing?

But if I were forced to answer, what would I say is the most important question?  That’s when I realized it’s the one that I have been recommending most lately when helping someone plan for retirement.  It’s this simple question: how much do you need to live on (and how sure are you of that?)?    > SEE MORE

Trade Troubles?

You may have heard or read the news of an escalating trade war between the United States and China, which has dominated headlines recently as both countries formally imposed substantial tariffs on one another. In response to the Trump administration’s 25 percent tariff on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods (largely industrial and technology products), the Chinese government levied tariffs of equal size on certain U.S. goods (largely agricultural products). The U.S. government is expected to launch a second round of tariffs on China, worth another $16 billion, in the next few weeks. Then on July 11, the White House announced it is preparing yet another wave of tariffs targeting China to go into effect sometime after August 30.



This most recent trade conflict follows tariffs of up to 25 percent that the Trump administration imposed in June on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, Mexico and the European Union, who then countered with levies on U.S. exports ranging from maple syrup to Harley-Davidson motorcycles.


How do these decisions affect you, and is there anything we should be doing about it when it comes to your investments? > SEE MORE