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Through the years, we’ve been helping individuals and families find their financial way.

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We embrace evidence over emotions — because hopes and hunches are no way to prepare for financial freedom.

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Viewpoints Commentary

The Life You Chose

For some reason, a lot of people seem to be retiring lately.  Over the last year, I and my partners Dave and Grant have helped numerous people make that leap away from their career, which for many can be a scary time.  This is a very rewarding aspect of our careers as advisors.  And it is also humbling and a great responsibility to advise those clients through this major event in their lives.



Once we get beyond the “X’s and O’s” related to the financial aspect of this planning, I can’t help but think about this next chapter for them and this word “Retirement.”  At a recent class I attended, financial planner and Forbes columnist Carolyn McClanahan said something that we couldn’t agree with more.  She said “let’s stop calling this Retirement, and start calling this just another transition in life that needs to be planned for.”  To me, that opens up the realm of possibilities for the future rather than just contemplating what you would stop doing (which is the traditional way to approach retirement).


Heated Politics, and Thinking Beyond “Stage One”

It’s no surprise that this year’s U.S. presidential race has become a subject of conversation around the globe.  And it’s probably a fair assumption that the intensity will only increase as the November 8 election date nears.




Your Investment’s “Survival Rate” And Why It Matters To You

Pretend for a moment that you have a mild medical condition and you visit your doctor for advice.  After looking you over and running tests, the doctor provides you with a recommendation.  There is a new drug available, and she would like to prescribe it to you.  The only issue is that there is a 50% chance of survival over the next 15 years.  Would you take that advice?

Would you be surprised to know that there is a similar chance of survival with investments?  The mutual fund/ETF industry is continually creating new products for the investor.  Some of them, like the ones that we use at Waypoint, are intended to benefit the investor with lower than average costs, more tax efficiency than many others, and a very high chance that they’re built to last.  Unfortunately for many, many other investments the goal is to make money off of you rather than for you. > SEE MORE