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We are an independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor firm. We are on our clients’ side in a close, caring relationship filled with plain-spoken advice and experienced perspective. We help people move past financial conflicts and complexities to a place where they can gain peace of mind with their retirement and investment planning.


Through the years, we’ve been helping individuals and families find their financial way.

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We embrace evidence over emotions — because hopes and hunches are no way to prepare for financial freedom.

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Viewpoints Commentary

A World of Opportunities

How do we measure the world? Thinking only in terms of a country’s landmass can distort investment decisions. Directly comparing the markets of all nations produces some surprising results. Measures such as population, gross domestic product, or exports do not directly indicate the size or suitability of investments in a market.

This following illustration is one of our favorites and shows the balance of stock (equity) investment opportunities around the world. The size of each country has been adjusted to reflect its total relative “capitalization.”

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Should We Track an “Index”, or Follow the Evidence?

Legend has it, a pharmacist named John Pemberton was searching for a headache cure when he tried blending Coca leaves with Cola nuts. Who knew his recipe was destined to become such a success, even if Coca-Cola® never did become the medicine Pemberton had in mind?

In similar vein, when Charles Dow launched the Dow Jones Industrial Average (the Dow), his aim was to better assess stock prices and market trends, hoping to determine when the market’s tides had turned by measuring the equivalent of its incoming and outgoing “waves.” He chose industrials (mostly railroads) because, as he proposed in 1882, “The industrial market is destined to be the great speculative market of the United States.”


What Are Three Things That Retirement Software Can’t Account For?

You’re getting ready to finally “retire”.  We’ve run the numbers with you, looked at various calculations and determined when to begin Social Security.  We looked at how your taxes will change, where that money will come from, and even how they will be paid.  We’ve reviewed your allocation and strategy for portfolio income and how that fits into the plan.  We told you that you are financially independent, that you won’t need to worry and you can enjoy this next chapter of life with full abandon.


But you’re still uneasy.

There is still something on your mind that’s worrying you.  You’re comfortable with the financial aspects of this change, but you just aren’t sure how your life is going to look on the other side of this decision.  > SEE MORE