Wealth Management

At its highest level, what we do is relatively straight-forward:

Determine what is truly important to you and your family…opportunities and challenges, personal and professional concerns, people and community.

Build your plan and your wealth accordingly, connecting who you are with what you have.

Oversee your plan to ensure continual commitment to your goals and concerns.


Achieving and sustaining this level of effective wealth management is about carefully integrating a process around discovering your values with money and what you want to accomplish in two elements: enhancing wealth with sound, evidence-based investing; and protecting wealth against the uncertainties that could knock you significantly off-course.


One source (and one trusted partner) to help you Find Your Way

Combining preparation, process and practice, Waypoint brings the focus you need to move past the complexities into a place where good decisions, effective organization and targeted outcomes become your way of life — upfront and throughout your retirement years.

Evidence-Based Investing

Why Does Evidence-Based Investing Matter?

Evidence-based investing is about confident investing — advancing toward the goals you’ve defined with energy to spare for the things you really want to be doing. It’s about informed action in place of hurried reaction, participating in market returns instead of chasing them, and shifting your mindset from getting rich to living a rich life.


What Is Evidence-Based Investing?

Evidence-based investing is grounded in planning, building and managing your portfolio according to more than 60 years of robust academic inquiry into how global markets are expected to deliver available returns to patient investors. Heeding the evidence, we focus on the factors that are expected to contribute the most toward achieving your personal financial goals:

  • Asset allocation – To best manage most of the ongoing variation in expected returns
  • Global diversification – To reduce the risks of concentrating too many eggs in too few baskets
  • Cost and behavior management – Because most investors do the most damage by incurring unnecessary expenses (including taxes) and reacting to misleading emotional cues.


How Do We Apply the Evidence?

To convert academic insights into sound portfolio management, we turn to a handful of select fund families who are committed to these same principles. We construct the core of most client portfolios using low-cost, asset-class funds. When appropriate for fixed income investors, we can turn to a distinct solution for building individual bond portfolios, customized to deliver income and/or portfolio stability according to your unique goals.

Retirement Planning

Planning for your future and the goal of achieving financial independence is no small task. You deserve someone who understands your values around money and what is most important to you and your family. You need a truly independent perspective, and someone who is on your side — putting your interests ahead of their own. And you should have a plan that is built on investment principles that are consistent, reliable, and based on evidence.

We’re a part of a movement of advisors who are doing just that, and invite you to learn more by contacting us for a complimentary Find Your Way conversation.