Many Eggs; Many Baskets: The Importance of Global Diversification

As we wrote about back in April (10 Ways To Not Sweat The Small Stuff With Investing), market volatility has once again picked up.  If you’re like most, this is a news story that will take your attention from time to time.  So with that said, we felt like it was a good time to underscore the perennial value of building – and maintaining – a globally diversified investment portfolio for achieving your greatest financial goals.



Global diversification is such a powerful antacid for when (not if!) we experience market turbulence, it’s why we’ve long recommended spreading your market risks:

  • According to your personal goals and risk tolerances
  • Between stock and bond markets
  • Among evidence-based sources of expected long-term returns
  • Around the world


In short, broad, global diversification never goes out of style. > SEE MORE

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