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Viewpoints Commentary

Does Cryptocurrency Have a Place In Your Portfolio?

Has all the attention to “Bitcoin” and “cryptocurrency” got you wondering what all the fuss is about? The news around this is hard to ignore, so we thought we’d take a closer look. Although this will be a bit more technical, I hope it’s helpful as you continue to hear about this topic.

Our quick take? Cryptocurrency is an interesting development with a number of promising possibilities. Human ingenuity is always a marvel to behold. But like any relatively new, highly volatile pursuit, it entails considerable risk. If by chance you’ve thought of trading in it for fun or profit, we advise against putting in any more than you could afford to lose entirely. In our estimation, cryptocurrency remains more of a speculative venture than a disciplined investment.

With that, let’s take a look.  > SEE MORE

Your Retirement Income Strategy

If you are like us, you plan and hope for a retirement unhindered by financial worries. Plan as we might, we all will at some point encounter the unpredictable during our retirement. Strong income planning and a buttoned-up strategy for cash flow going into retirement will help give you flexibility when the inevitable surprise pops up, allowing you to weather incoming storms and enjoy a successful retirement.


The Age-old Question: Do I Have Enough?

Making the change from saver to spender is a financial and mental hurdle that must be addressed to be in tune with your financial life. There is no magic switch to flip to make this transition easy. However, creating a spend-down plan and paycheck replacement strategy will help you map out your path. > SEE MORE

Stimulus 2.0

What You Need to Know About Stimulus 2.0

After nearly six months of back-and-forth negotiations, and in response to the economic hardship that many Americans face from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Congress proposed a new, $900 billion relief package.

Many elements—like stimulus payments and PPP loans—will sound familiar from earlier this year.

However, debate surrounding certain provisions in the economic stimulus and relief package has intensified since it left Congress, and as of this posting, President Trump has yet to sign the bill.

Luckily, should it become law, few measures in the whopping 5,593-page bill require prompt action before the end of 2020. Nevertheless, extensive media coverage has prompted questions regarding how it will affect you and your family. To help offer some clarity, here’s a high-level breakdown of six important provisions in the bill you need to know about. > SEE MORE