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Viewpoints Commentary

What Can A Surgeon Teach Us About Making Decisions?

It’s a big year for my family as we’re preparing for each of our three kids to move on to new schools this Fall. It has been interesting to watch as each of them has had a decision to make regarding their school of choice. It wasn’t simple—for them or us. 

For example, my fourteen-year-old son had the following two options in front of him: to follow in his sisters’ footsteps and attend our local high school or to step out of his comfort zone and explore another school that was further away. The way that we helped him decide, I believe can also be a solid framework for financial planning decisions that we make. > SEE MORE

Perspectives on the Banking Industry

Given the news and questions we have received over the last few days, we wanted to share some thoughts on three things: First, what happened with Silicon Valley Bank, then discuss the broader banking landscape, and lastly review a few possible implications for the future.

What Happened with Silicon Valley Bank?


2022’s Investment Lessons

2022 was a unique year, but they ALL are “unique” years in some way, right?  What can we learn from this, and what are the important takeaways to make us better investors?

Here’s what our Head of Financial and Economic Research, Larry Swedroe, had to say about it:

“While each year features new twists on the age-old investment stories, smart investors know how to apply the same basic principles to every event. That’s why one of my favorite sayings is that there’s nothing new in investing, only investment history you don’t know. Last year, however, investors did experience something that happened for the first time in history.”

To read Larry’s 10 investment lessons from 2022, click here to read more, and as always if you have any questions about how this impacts your own retirement and investment planning, feel free to reach out to us.