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Viewpoints Commentary

Inflation, Part Two: What Can YOU Do About It?

In our last piece, we covered the recent uptick in inflation, and what to make of it in a historical context. For investors, it’s important to take a step back and look at the big picture before acting on breaking news. What if inflation does get out of hand, and what’s the best strategy going forward if that were to occur?

The Federal Reserve has been suggesting rising rates should wane. We hope they’re right. But we also know the future remains uncharted. Nearly any outcome is possible, and none is inevitable. This means diversified investing remains our preferred strategy for being prepared for whatever the future holds.


Explaining Inflation Doesn’t Predict It

If higher inflation does materialize, will it arrive sooner or later? > SEE MORE

The Price is Right (Or Wrong?): Inflation Fears

I’ve often said to clients that inflation is one of the biggest risks to a retirement plan’s success. Yet, we don’t fear inflation like many investors fear market volatility—it hasn’t been something to worry about because it has fortunately been so tame for decades now.

However, recent headlines related to inflation are now commonplace. You also might be wondering why your neighbor’s house just sold for a gazillion dollars in one week, or hearing about the rise in lumber prices, and questioning if all this will trickle through to you and your wallet/purse? > SEE MORE

Does Cryptocurrency Have a Place In Your Portfolio?

Has all the attention to “Bitcoin” and “cryptocurrency” got you wondering what all the fuss is about? The news around this is hard to ignore, so we thought we’d take a closer look. Although this will be a bit more technical, I hope it’s helpful as you continue to hear about this topic.

Our quick take? Cryptocurrency is an interesting development with a number of promising possibilities. Human ingenuity is always a marvel to behold. But like any relatively new, highly volatile pursuit, it entails considerable risk. If by chance you’ve thought of trading in it for fun or profit, we advise against putting in any more than you could afford to lose entirely. In our estimation, cryptocurrency remains more of a speculative venture than a disciplined investment.

With that, let’s take a look.  > SEE MORE