Our Brain And Our Behavior, Part Two

Little did we know when we started this series last month that it would be announced the Nobel Prize in Economics would go to Richard Thaler.  You may not have heard of him, but he is one of three behavioral economists who can claim credit to the award in the last fifteen years.  If you remember being automatically enrolled in your company’s 401(k) program instead of signing up on your own, you can give thanks to Richard Thaler.  He and many others are helping us to understand why we as humans do the things that we do so that we can better understand ourselves and hopefully improve our financial (and life) habits.

In this second of three articles (you can read the first one here), we’re exploring a few more of the most significant behavioral biases that Richard Thaler and others invested their careers to learn more about: hindsight, loss aversion, mental accounting and outcome bias.



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