Can You Relate To Any of The “Five Stages of Retirement”?

“Retirement is a journey with five distinct stages, and some people get stuck.  Understand them, know which stage you are in, and know how to move forward.”  -Alan Spector


I recently attended a conference where I had the privilege to hear from author Alan Spector.  He and his partners interviewed hundreds of retirees to discover what creates a fulfilling retirement and wrote a book (or a guide, really) to help others with this life transition.  It has numerous stories, exercises, and questions to assist with the non-financial, “life planning” aspect of retiring.  Since most of you (our clients) are in or nearing retirement, this is something that I have a deep interest in as well.  There are so many great takeaways and lessons the book provides, and I would highly encourage anyone interested to check it out (link here) and/or review their website (link here) to explore this for you or someone you know.


One of the enlightening sections of the book is the “Five Stages of Retirement.” I literally can see the faces of various clients across all stages when I read through these.  As I share these with you, see if you can identify yourself with one of these stages (borrowed from the book, with permission from Alan): > SEE MORE

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