What Are Three Ways That You (And We) Can Stay On Course? 

We don’t expect people to fly their own airplanes or take out their kids’ appendixes, and yet we expect them to manage their retirement portfolios. In my careers I’ve done all three, and investing is by far the hardest.”

 William Bernstein, MD, PhD

The Four Pillars of Investing


If we were to picture your retirement financial plan as an airplane flight, your investments are the trade winds carrying you toward your destination.  How you invest can mean the difference between your arrival at your desired location … or it can knock you into a tail-spin.


To help you stay on course toward your own goals, we offer the “compass” of a solid investment strategy based on three key points. First, we have a strategy. Second, it’s a strategy based on reason and evidence guided by the durable science of capital markets. Third, it’s grounded in our fiduciary obligation to serve our clients’ highest financial interests. > SEE MORE

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